Frequently Asked Questions


What do you charge?

I tailor my rates to what you need, and will put a rate bundle together as appropriate. I offer free consultations via phone, video chat, or local meeting to discuss your needs.



How do I contact you?

You can use the Contact Me page, email me at jill @, or call/text me at 518-460-5165.


Do you prepare tax returns?

I am authorized to prepare and electronically file tax returns. However, tax return preparation is reserved for my current clients, as we will also work together throughout the year.


Do you offer payroll services?

I do not offer payroll services. I work with several local payroll companies, and I am happy to refer you to them.

How is an accountant different than a bookkeeper?

An accountant will provide financial analysis of your transactions and financial reports. A bookkeeper does the data entry and report generation. In many cases, a bookkeeper and an accountant work together. You can read more about the differences at my LinkedIn article.

Why do I need an accountant during the rest of the year?

As a business owner, an accountant can assist you with business planning, ensuring you have sufficient funds to expand your business. As an individual, an accountant can work with you on planning for major purchases and with your financial advisor to ensure your retirement and future financial needs are appropriate for you and your individual situation.

For Individuals and Families

Are you living paycheck to paycheck?

I can help you identify some ways to save money or make extra money.

Is there more month than money?

I can help restructure your cash flow.

Are you looking to save and don't know where to start?

can help you find small pockets of money.

Do you want to create a budget but don't know how to?

I will help you create one using your actual expenses.

Do you need an accountability partner to keep you on track with your budget?

I am happy to keep you on target with monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly check-ins.

For Small Businesses and Sole Proprietors

Do you need help creating a profit and loss statement or other financial statement?

I will use your records to create periodic (monthly, quarterly, yearly) financial statements.

Do you need to obtain a business loan?

I can help prepare the financial information for the application and help monitor the repayments.

Do you need to create or update written business procedures?

I can create them using your current operations or update them to better fit your business.

Do you need help monitoring the financial health of your business?

I will review your financial information and provide suggestions for improvements or suggestions to help your business grow.

Do you need help setting up an accounting system?

We will work together to find the best option for you and get you set up and trained on how to use it.

For DIrect Sales or Network Marketers

Are your records in a shoebox, unorganized or a pile?

I can help get them organized and classified appropriately.

Do you need help recording your income and expenses each month?

I will provide you with some suggestions that fit your life and your budget.

Do you know if you are claiming all of the expenses you are eligible for on your tax return?

I will review your prior tax return and your expenses to make sure everything this categorized correctly for tax purposes

Do you have a team and want to help your downline?

I will put a training course together for you, based upon your company, and teach your team.


Resources & Articles For Managing Your  Finances On Your Own

Kids Bingo Board

I am thrilled to be able to present information about being a Certified Public Accountant to the elementary students in Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District. One of the items I mentioned is this Kids Bingo Board. Kids Budget BingoDownload I wish I knew...


Why do I need an accountant or CPA when I have a bookkeeper?  

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