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Jill Flinton has been helping individuals and small businesses restructure their finances (through bankruptcy) for over 10 years. She is now taking those skills out of the system to help you directly.

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Licensed CPA and helping clients for over 10 years.


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Meet Jill Flinton

Jill Flinton is an
Accounting Expert

As a licensed CPA, she is able to customize her advice to best benefit you, your life, or your business. Whether reviewing income and expenses, to creating budgets, to setting up accounting systems, or monitoring progress on your goals, Jill will help you understand your finances without fancy words and complicated calculations.  

She also enjoys working with those in direct sales/network marketing. This is a specialized area Jill focuses on, as there are many expenses those in this industry don’t realize they can deduct on their tax returns. Jill has her own direct sales business (Jamberry), so she understands the industry and the challenges that come with it.

Non-profit organizations are another specialty area for Jill. Documentation and record-keeping are essential to ensure the mission of the non-profit is being fulfilled. Jill has over 7 years of experience working with the finances of several non-profit organizations (including the NNPDF), updating their record keeping and ensuring they are financially viable to continue to meet their missions.

Family is very important to Jill. She volunteers for activities during and after the school day, and in her daughter’s classroom. She enjoys camping, reading, and family game nights with her daughter and husband.

“Jill showed me the details of where my money was going in my business.  Now I want her to help with my personal finances too!” 

Jen Burke

Creative Health Solutions

In my first year as a business owner, Jill found me an extra $3,000 on my tax return! Plus, she’s a pleasure to work with! – Melissa R.

Melissa R.

“As a new business owner, I had no idea where to start or what questions to ask. Jill eased my anxieties; she is so easy to talk with! Jill is very knowledgeable, professional, and treats my small business as if it was her own.”

Gem Rhodes

Mind Body Soul Expo

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“Jill Flinton is thorough, personable, smart, non-judgmental and truly likes to help small business people, entrepreneurs, and home businesses. If you want, she will even help you set up a bookkeeping system for the next year to help with spending categorization and will do it for you for a great price until you can do it yourself. I sleep better because of Jill.”

Jennifer B.

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